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ildland Tours

St. John's-based nature travel organization providing fun and interactive whale study programs
Adventure Newfoundland

Listing of Newfoundland and Labrador travel resources and links
Wild Things
Newfoundland books and gifts
Adventure Canada

Adventure Canada’s naturalists develop comprehensive plant and wildlife lists during their voyages; and contribute useful whale photographs whenever possible.
Northland Discovery Boat Tours

St. Anthony whale, seabird and iceberg tour with biologist Paul Alcock
International Ecotourism Society

Wildland Tours is a member of the International Ecotourism Society
International Whaling Commission
The website of the International Whaling Commission — the organization that tries to manage the people with all sorts of interests in whales.
American Cetacean Society
The American Cetacean Society's site is a useful source of information about many whale topics including whaling and the deadly effects military sonar is having on whales. The site also has a good deal of general whale information for educators.
Canada - Whale Watch
Listing of many Canadian whale watching companies
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
Works to protect whales worldwide


Killer Whale Biology
A great source of biological information on the orca
Iceberg Quest Boat Tours

Fun tour boat excursions in St. John's and Twillingate that contribute their whale photos to our catalogues

Nature Canada
The Nature Canada website provides comprehensive insights on environmental issues in Canada from bird conservation to park creation to global warming to the status of endangered species. A great website for a deeper understanding of Newfoundland, Labrador, and the Atlantic.

Flukematcher's Photostream
On-line catalogues of whale tails like this and Atlantic Whales (in earlier days) make sure students and researchers have access to humpback whale tails for census studies. This site is another great example of the help tour boat operators and whale watchers can give to whale science. You can also see that many Atlantic humpbacks show scars from orca encounters.
Ocean Quest
Newfoundland's premier diving outfitter often contributes whale sighting information… and also has some amazing photos taken while scuba diving with whales.
Whales Online
A great source of information aboutthe whales of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Use this site to learn more about the whales and whale science of Quebec.
Le Baleineau
This site from St. Pierre and Miquelon features some wonderful photos of the whales of the North Atlantic. The text is in French but the photos are wonderful.
Gatherall's Puffin & Whale Watch
Bay Bulls whale and seabird tour operator
Natural Wonders
Elliston, Bonavista Bay-based nature tours featuring puffins, other wildlife, and plants. They contribute whale sightings to our research efforts.
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society is one of the leading supporters of whale conservation around the world. Atlantic Whales has supported the WDCS through advertising in their magazine.
Cetacean Habitat
Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are key to the survival of corals, fish populations, and the marine mammals that depend upon a healthy ocean. This website looks at the international efforts put into protecting vital portions of the world’s oceans.
Sea of Whales
Sea of Whales is a whale watching company operating out of Trinity, Newfoundland.
North Atlantic Killer Whales

A listing of many exciting North Atlantic orca research projects. After watching high arctic orcas swim to the Azores in 2009, what other scientific surprises might we all discover?
Orcas of the Canadian Arctic

Provides details about the ongoing research into the orcas of the Arctic.

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