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Orcas | B-Pod | September 8, 2005

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The Wildland Tour's Northern Whale Study group encountered this group of seven orcas on the morning of September 8, 2005 off Battle Harbour.

They observed that two appeared to be mature females while four were juveniles and one was a young calf. During their encounter 50 white beaked dolphins approached the study boat which was surrounded by the group of inquisitive orcas. At a distance of approximately 200 meters the dolphins apparently noticed the orcas and turned about and fled the area.

The study group recorded the orcas using a hydrophone. Later in the morning the group of seven orcas approached a group of three humpbacks including a juvenile that were feeding in the area. The humpbacks trumpeted and after being surrounded for approximately 30 seconds the water turned white with the frothing caused by the rapid movements of the orcas and humpbacks. The study group stayed over a kilometer away until the encounter ended. They found no evidence of actual contact between the two whale species and the orcas left the area immediately after the encounter and were not seen again. The humpbacks all appeared uninjured.

The hydrophone picked up the trumpeting of the humpbacks and the squeals and clicks of the orcas during this encounter.

Audio Vocalizations (WAV)

Notes The orcas came very close to our research vessel. The humpbacks were about a kilometer from the hydrophone when you hear their trumpeting near the end of this recording. It was much louder above the water's surface.



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